Radial shaft seals for general industrial applications

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Seals for general industrial applications The assortment of radial shaft seals for general industrial applications comprises various designs, each with specific focus: seals the standard seals with rubber outside diameter for most industrial applications.Maximum values for application and operating conditions (such as pressure, temperature or speed) should not be applied simultaneously. For additional information about the meaning and limitations of the product data, refer to Radial shaft seals and Principles of sealing selection and application.


Seal installation, general industrial applications To provide effective sealing, radial shaft seals must be installed properly. An experienced installer with suitable tools, working in a clean environment, is recommended to provide proper installation.The most common types of seals used to protect bearing arrangements in general industrial applications are radial shaft seals for shaft diameters up to 203 mm (8 in). Large diameter seals, for shaft diameters above 203 mm, have special features and are intended for use in large-size and heavy-duty applications.